Year in Review

This year has been much more difficult than freshman year, but it has also been much more rewarding. I have started taking core classes in Fisher, and although they are difficult, I am learning a lot and growing as a person. I hope I continue to have this outlook through next year.


This summer I will be engaging in service engagement by volunteering my time at a wildflower preserve. I volunteered there as well in high school and collected over 200 hours of community service so it will be interesting to see how many hours I complete by the end of summer break. By volunteering at the preserve I will be helping a nonprofit gain recognition and I will be helping the community.



For over a year I worked at a wildflower preserve and volunteered four hours a week. I worked at the front desk and took payments from customers, answered the phone, and gave directions.

I also was a grocery store cashier for a year as well. I checked groceries and answered customer questions.

Both these skills will be very useful in my future and help me develop skills to better communicate with other people.


This year I was proud to become a fundraising committee chair member for a club on campus called Recipe 4 Good. The club is a cooking and community service club that makes food as a group and gives it to the needy around Columbus. I am happy to be helping with this club and I am happy to get more involved on campus.

About Me

My name is Emily Fitzgerald and I am a second year marketing major in Fisher College of Business. My goal after graduating after from Ohio State is to be on the marketing team of a film production company, and either working in NYC or LA. During the summer I will be working back home in Pennsylvania at a fitness facility, and in my free time I will be reading and drawing.