Uploading Your Zoom Recordings to Mediasite: Two Video Tutorials

How to Download Zoom Recordings and Upload to them to Mediasite

Here are two videos that walks you through how to download your Zoom recordings and upload them to Mediasite, then add closed captions to your Mediasite recording

How to download your Zoom recording:

 How to Upload your Zoom Recording to Mediasite, Make it Viewable to Students, and how to Add Closed Caption to your Mediasite Recording:

As the university moves into great compliance with the ADA, captions are a critical necessity for all video materials. Please do add the captions as explained at the ending of the second video.

Making Zoom Recordings Downloadable

by: Randy Spears

If you have recorded a Zoom meeting and want to make it downloadable by a viewer, the process is very simple.

First, log onto CarmenZoom and go to Recordings

A list of your recordings will appear in chronological order. Locate the recording you want to make downloadable. Then select Share on the far right.

On the next pop-up menu, select “Viewers can download,” and then select “Done”

NOTE: This is different from sharing the video. This allows the viewer to download the video.

New Quizzes in Carmen is Coming

by: Randy Spears

The CarmenCanvas team will be releasing New Quizzes for Carmen in the Fall. You may ask yourself what is New Quizzes and why does it matter?

New Quizzes is an upgrade on the current quiz tool in Carmen. It offers several new features and new question types. Along with these features, you will be able to:

  • Set Student Quiz Accommodation for a student across the duration of the course and not have to set it up each time you offer a quiz
  • Shuffle answers by question
  • Print Quizzes
  • Hotspot questions
  • Pinning of questions

The timeline for the roll out of new quizzes is as follows:

  • Au22, Approximately by Mid-October – New Quizzes will be enabled but deactivated by default. Users must manually activate the use of New Quizzes in your course
  • Sp23 & Su23 – New Quizzes will be activated by default in all courses
  • Au23-Sp24 – Classic quizzes will be deactivated, and users will no longer be able to create a quiz in the old tool
  • Su24 – Classic Quizzes will no longer be available for users.


We will work to keep you informed about the progress of New Quizzes.

Zoom Breakout Rooms Options

by: Randy Spears

If you want to use Breakout Rooms in Zoom, you have three options. This brief article will explain those three options and the pros and cons of each one:

Assign Automatically
This, by far, is the easiest option. It randomly disperses your participants into different rooms. It is best for impromptu breakout rooms while you’re in a meeting and want your participants to intermingle. Once set up in a single instance of a meeting, the participants will return to the same group throughout that individual meeting. (To create different arrangements in the same meeting, you will need to use the Recreate function.)
PROS: Easy to set-up. Great for creating interaction among your participants.
CONS: You can’t control who is in what room. Not good for pre-arranged teams.

Manually Assign
This option allows you to manually assign participants to different rooms
PROS: Gives you control over who goes where.
CONS: Very cumbersome to assignment participants to breakout rooms with a large group.

This option is the best if you have pre-assigned teams in Carmen. You can set these up, either manually in Zoom or use a CSV (spreadsheet file) to make your room assignments for your Zoom meeting.
PROS: Ensures that participants enter their correct pre-assigned rooms in Zoom.
CONS: Does take time to set up and participants MUST log into Zoom with their OSU credentials.

EXAMPLE format for CSV for Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms

Instructors that want to use breakout rooms in Zoom extensively, should set up a test-run session with Randy Spears (spears.4)

Three Start-Up Tips for Carmen and a Great Start to the Semester

by: Kiela Matthews

With semester about to begin, here are three suggestions to organize your content in Carmen to better suit your students:

  1. Consider using Modules as the main way to present your course content to students. Modules allow you to organize content by week, by resource, or by type. You can also create assignments, pages, discussions, etc., directly from the Module window, making it more efficient for you to create course content.
  1. Clean up your Navigation Menu in your course – Removing items from the menu that are not in use, or that do not need to be used by students, can guide you and the students on where to go in the course. No more aimlessly clicking around to locate assignments.
  1. Utilize the Syllabus page from the Navigation Menu. The Syllabus page is another area to place your syllabus, it also includes a Course Summary that lists all assignments, in chronological order by due date, so the students can see what is to come in the weeks ahead.

If you want to meeting to discuss ways to improve your Carmen course, please feel free to contact me, at matthews.517@osu.edu

Updating Your Zoom Software

Updating Your Zoom App

Launch Zoom app when prompted

  • On a Windows device, use the search function to find the Zoom App
  • On a Macintosh, search for the Zoom App in Applications

Log-in via “Sign in with SSO”

Enter OSU on the Sign in with SSO screen

Click on your profile in the upper right of the screen
          Then select “Check for Updates”

You will either be Up-To-Date or be prompted to update

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Fisher College of Business: Leader in Online Learning

Launched in 2003, Fisher College of Business’ BSBA Regional Distance Learning program offers a distance business degree for students on the Lima, Marion, Mansfield and Newark campuses. Its primary strength is that it allows students to remain in their community while obtaining a degree from Fisher College of Business – just as if they were on the Columbus campus. In addition, students who wanted to pursue a Business Minor can also accomplish this while remaining on a regional campus. The Business Management degree offers a seamless transfer to Columbus campus if a student wants to pursue a Business Specialization.

The Business Management degree is delivered in a blended classroom format using pre-recorded online lectures and live weekly sessions via video conference.  The live sessions allow the instructor to deliver class lectures to the regional sites just as if the students were on main campus.

video conference example -instructor perspective

The asynchronous delivery of materials allows the students to access their online lectures and course materials at their convenience using the university’s learning management system, Carmen.   Students can access content in a various forms – streaming video, mp3, PowerPoint slides and in some classes, transcripts.



The Distance Delivered Business Management program on the regional campuses has enabled thousands of students to get a Business Management degree or a minor in Business Management and achieve their goals.

To learn more about the program go to:



Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat Professional for OSU faculty and staff

The Office of the Chief Information Officer at OSU has worked with Adobe to provide an enterprise version of Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat Professional to OSU faculty and staff.  See here for details about the arrangement.

Adobe’s apps are widely regarded as the best tools available for creative work, whether it’s web design, photo and video editing, graphic design or cloud services.  Apps included are Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Dreamweaver, Acrobat and many others.

Contact the Fisher Help Desk for more info about accessing Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Carmen Quizzes: Reviewing Student Quiz Responses


The Carmen Quiz tool is a powerful tool that provides a great deal of back-end data that faculty can use to evaluate student’s responses, both on a global level and on individual level.

The link to the video found below will take you through the process of viewing quiz scores along with accessing an individual students quiz results.  It will also show you the steps of deleting a student’s attempt on a quiz.

Reviewing Student Quiz Responses in Carmen

Using Online Video in Your Course


The use of the videos in teaching has been around since the invention of the film projector.  With the advent on the internet and online videos from sources such as YouTube, iTunes, and other online outlets, the amount of videos for use has exploded.

Obviously, the question is how and why should you use video in your course?

Video has quickly become one of the primary sources by which students interact and learn about their world.  YouTube is the second most searched site on the internet.  College students watch online videos at three times the rate of adults.

Another reason to use online video is that it supports the flipped classroom approach to teaching, allowing students to watch videos when it most convenient to them and freeing up valuable classroom time for in-depth engagement with course concepts and materials.

The use of online videos should be closely aligned with course objectives and learning outcomes.  Research on learning and student’s attention spans informs us that using videos of a short duration is much more effective than longer lecture based recordings.

Links to videos can be distributed through your learning management system (Carmen), via email, and through other methods.

To learn more about how online videos can be used in your course, check out the links below: