New Quizzes in Carmen is Coming

by: Randy Spears

The CarmenCanvas team will be releasing New Quizzes for Carmen in the Fall. You may ask yourself what is New Quizzes and why does it matter?

New Quizzes is an upgrade on the current quiz tool in Carmen. It offers several new features and new question types. Along with these features, you will be able to:

  • Set Student Quiz Accommodation for a student across the duration of the course and not have to set it up each time you offer a quiz
  • Shuffle answers by question
  • Print Quizzes
  • Hotspot questions
  • Pinning of questions

The timeline for the roll out of new quizzes is as follows:

  • Au22, Approximately by Mid-October – New Quizzes will be enabled but deactivated by default. Users must manually activate the use of New Quizzes in your course
  • Sp23 & Su23 – New Quizzes will be activated by default in all courses
  • Au23-Sp24 – Classic quizzes will be deactivated, and users will no longer be able to create a quiz in the old tool
  • Su24 – Classic Quizzes will no longer be available for users.


We will work to keep you informed about the progress of New Quizzes.

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