‘Four things I wish I’d known about the flipped classroom’

Robert Talbert, an educator who has been previously highlighted in this blog about his experience with the “Flipped Classroom,” has shared four key findings about his experience the he wished he would have known before his “flipping” experience.

Robert Talbert

Robert’s four key findings are:

  1. “The flipped classroom has many benefits for students – but, students will not always understand those benefits automatically” (The Chronicle, 2014).
  2. “The biggest problem students have with the flipped classroom has nothing to do with the content of the course, but rather it’s simple time and task management” (The Chronicle, 2014).
  3. “The flipped classroom entails significantly more work at the beginning than a traditional classroom” (The Chronicle, 2014).
  4. “The flipped classroom’s success depends on communication” (The Chronicle, 2014).

The full article including an analysis of the findings can be found on The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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