Import Carmen Course Components and Activate Your Course

With the autumn 2013 semester coming to a close and planning beginning for the spring 2014 semester, preparation for Carmen integration is also taking place. Carmen makes it easy to move materials from one semester to the next through the Carmen Import Components function.

Carmen Import

By importing Carmen Components you can import an exact copy of an older Carmen course into your new Carmen course shell for the new semester or you can choose to copy only specific materials that are relevant to your new course. We have a guide available outlining the steps needed to complete the import.

Import Carmen Course Components

Once you have your Carmen course designed and ready for the new semester, remember that Carmen courses must be activated before they are available to students for viewing. Activating a Carmen course requires checking the “Enable student access” box, however this box can be hard to find. We have a guide available that walks through the steps.

Activate a Carmen Course

If you have any questions about importing Carmen components, activating a Carmen course or any questions in general, please contact the Fisher ITS Helpdesk.

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