Add Participants to a Carmen Course

Whether adding a Teaching Assistant or a second Instructor, adding participants to a Carmen course can be very beneficial. The process to add a participant can be found here:

Add Participants to a Carmen Course Guide

This process is perfect for adding many of the Carmen roles listed below, but will not work for student enrollment. Students are enrolled in a Carmen course through the Student Information System (SIS) and cannot be manually added to a course. If a participant is added to a Carmen course as a student and that participant is not enrolled in the course through SIS as a student, the manual enrollment to the Carmen course will not hold and the manually added participant will be automatically removed from the Carmen course within 24 hours.

Manually adding a participant to a Carmen course for all other roles besides student is a perfect route for TAs, second Instructors, or student assistants. One key concept to keep in mind when adding participants to a course in Carmen and choosing a role for them, is that if a Carmen course contains multiple sections, some Carmen roles must be added to individual sections (Assistant, Graders, etc.) while others such as Instructor will “cascade” to all sections in that particular Carmen course. Roles that are not able to “cascade” are denoted in the image below with a “2.”  A breakdown of the different roles in Carmen and what they can do can be seen below:

Carmen Roles

For an in-depth explanation of each role, please view the Central OSU Carmen Team’s page on Carmen Roles.

If you have any questions or concerns about the roles in Carmen or how to manually add a participant, please contact the Fisher ITS Helpdesk.

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