Communication through Email in Carmen

Communication is key to a successful course. One of the easiest ways to communicate with students is through email. Carmen makes it easy to communicate with students through email.

Carmen does not contain a standalone email system, yet instead an email sent from Carmen is sent to a student’s “” email address. This ensures that there is no separate email inbox to check and allows for ease of use for faculty as well as students.

Through Carmen, emails can be sent out to selected members of a course or to an entire Classlist. Step-by-step guides are available to help with each process.

Email Selected Members of the Classlist

Email the Entire Classlist

Carmen Email Flow

Often in Carmen multiple sections of the same course are combined in the same Carmen course shell. These sections are taught by the same instructor and are identical in their implementation.  This is very convenient so that materials uploaded into one Carmen course shell are seen by every section. In these situations, the Carmen Classlist allows Instructors to sort by section. This allows for easier location of students for tasks such as email and allows for section organization. A step-by-step is available to help with sorting the Carmen Classlist by section.

View Individual Course Sections in the Carmen Classlist

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