Educational Resources in Carmen

There is a wealth of educational resources that are developed and ready for course implementation. Carmen is the perfect outlet to distribute these learning objects to students. Even if a course is taught completely face-to-face, Carmen can be used to enhance the classroom instruction by providing supplementary material. Three of the most commonly used sources for educational resources are listed below.

OSU Libraries E-Reserves

E-Reserves is a service provided by OSU Libraries that allows web access to course reserves readings via Carmen. The Libraries E-Reserves staff will negotiate copyright royalties on your behalf, establish links to online journal articles and other digital resources that students can access both on and off-campus, and create and link PDFs for supplemental print materials, such as book chapters and journal articles. Faculty and teaching staff who wish to create their own links to library resources in Carmen are encouraged to follow the Making Links to Library Resources from Within Carmen Course Sites Instructions, so that students may access the materials off-campus. For more information about requesting E-Reserves Service, please visit the E-Reserves Information for Faculty and Staff page.


XanEdu provides supplementary course material in the form of CoursePacks, Custom Textbooks, Workbooks, as well as numerous custom solutions. These materials are publisher-neutral and customized for an individual course. When using XanEdu materials, a direct link will be placed in Carmen that links students directly to the relevant course materials for a course and students can access the XanEdu materials by registering for a personalized MyXanEdu account. For more information about XanEdu and to request materials and services, please visit the XanEdu Get Started page.

Harvard Business Publishing

Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) provides business specific course materials in the form of Articles, Cases, Simulations, Books & Chapters, and entire Online Courses. The material provided is based upon real world corporate experience. When using HBP material a link will be placed in Carmen and is valid for six months. The link will provide direct access to the HBP materials. For more information about HBP and to request materials and services, please visit the HBP Contact Us page.

For any questions or concerns about the resources above or about placing any type of content in Carmen, please contact the Fisher ITS Help Desk.

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