About the Conference


The purpose of this conference is to advance the literature by promoting leading-edge thinking on all aspects and forms of commitment in organizational contexts regardless of level, bases, mindsets or targets (e.g., commitment to organizations – employing or other, people, teams, occupation, goals, change efforts, decisions, values, etc.) The conference brings together a community of scholars interested in the phenomenon of commitment to share and discuss ideas and findings relating to the conference theme.

The theme of the 5th Conference on Commitment is Cross-Level Influences and Effects. Submissions that examine the influence of macro factors such as HR policies, organizational strategy, culture, politics, national culture, etc. on commitments and the effects of work commitments on macro outcomes such as team, organizational, societal outcomes are encouraged. Submissions that do not directly address the theme are also welcome, particularly if they advance the commitment literature by providing new insights, perspectives, or methodologies.

The small size of the conference promotes opportunities for informal interaction and dialogue among attendees to facilitate networking, collaboration, the sharing of ideas, and in-depth discussions to explore issues of personal interest. Individuals from fields including organizational behavior, human resource management, industrial and organizational psychology, decision making, industrial relations, and related fields concerned with commitment are welcome to attend.

Conference Format

The conference will begin Monday afternoon August 1, 2022 with opportunities for collaboration (exiting or new projects) and networking. Conference sessions begin Tuesday morning, August 2nd and end at noon on Wednesday, August 3rd.  There will be a single track of presentations of a variety of lengths and formats. Registration is required to attend the conference events.


Three awards are given out to recognize the best presentations and contributions made at the conference.

  • Best student paper. This award will be based on the submitted abstract and is designated to the best accepted submission first or sole authored by a student as evaluated by the program committee. To be considered for this award, please indicate in the submission that the first or sole author is a student.
  • Most innovative paper. This award will be based on the submitted abstract and is designated to recognize the accepted submission with most ground-breaking or innovative content (conceptual, empirical, or methodological) as evaluated by the program committee.
  • Best presentation. This award will be based on what is delivered at the conference, as evaluated by conference attendees, rather than what is submitted. The award will be given to the best delivery of content at the conference in terms of the quality of the presentation and the insights provided as evidenced by the generated discussion.


The conference will be held at the Blackwell Inn and Conference Center in the Fisher College of Business complex at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Columbus is located centrally in the United States and has many entertainment opportunities including the arts, theater, sports, shopping, and dining in unique settings. See the Hotel Registration page for details on lodging and transportation.

Conference Organizer

Howard J. Klein, The Ohio State University

With assistance from the program committee listed below, the Department of Management and Human Resources, and the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.

2022 Program Committee

The program committee, consisting of the commitment scholars listed below, will select the invited presenters, review the competitive submissions, determine which conference contributors will receive the conference awards based on submitted abstracts.

  • Thomas E. Becker, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee
  • Mindy Bergman, Texas A&M University
  • James Bishop, New Mexico State University
  • Aaron Cohen, University of Haifa
  • Stephen Jaros, Southern University
  • Frances Jørgensen, Aarhus University
  • Howard J. Klein (Chair), The Ohio State University
  • John P. Meyer, University of Western Ontario
  • Ana Carolina Rodrigues, University of São Paulo
  • Omar N. Solinger, VU University Amsterdam
  • Yvonne GT van Rossenberg, Radboud University
  • Christian Vandenberghe, HEC Montréal
  • S. Arzu Wasti, Sabanci University



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Inquiries about the conference can be emailed to: klein.12@osu.edu