Conference on Commitment

2022 Conference on Commitment

August 1-3, 2022

Cross-Level Influences and Effects

The Conference on Commitment brings together a community of scholars interested in the phenomenon of commitment to share and discuss ideas and findings relating to the study of the full range of commitments in the workplace. The purpose of the conference is to advance the literature by promoting leading-edge thinking on all aspects and forms of commitment in organizational contexts regardless of level, bases, mindsets or targets (e.g., commitment to organizations – employing or other, people, teams, occupation, goals, change efforts, decisions, values, etc.).

The conference is a mix of invited (30%) and competitively reviewed (70%) presentations. The small size of the conference promotes opportunities for informal interaction and dialogue among attendees to facilitate networking, collaboration, the sharing of ideas, and in-depth discussions to explore issues of personal interest. Individuals from any field concerned with the study of commitment are welcome to attend.

Conference Organizer: Howard J. Klein, The Ohio State University

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