I plan to fulfill the Global Awareness part of the G.O.A.L.S. set forth for honors students by taking classes that expand my knowledge of different cultures that I don’t know about. I hope to take English and Literature classes that explore various cultures and topics so I can gain a new understanding of cultures I have not been exposed to and what their authors have to share about their view of the world. I also hope to travel abroad through Ohio State to compliment my degree while also using the immersion to gain new experiences in a different place.

I hope to pursue Original Inquiry by participating in research at Ohio State. I would love to get a job in a lab that will help me learn about research in the medical field and add to my undergraduate experience. Also, I hope to inquire about research that my professors may be conducting and see what I can learn through them. This aspect of the Honors and Scholars G.O.A.L.S. is important to me because I hope to make my influence on the medical field and I can begin to learn how to do so as an undergraduate student at a top research institution.

I want to enrich my education by taking general education courses in a wide variety of subjects and maintaining honors quality coursework to ensure that I am getting the most out of my time at Ohio State. Being an English major who is planning on going to medical school, I take courses all along the spectrum of the sciences and the humanities, and I hope to graduate as a well rounded student in these subject areas and other areas through rigorous courses that I am able to take out of interest.

Leadership Development was a big part of my high school career and I hope to continue this development at Ohio State. I have joined a few clubs at Ohio State thus far such as Scarlette Magazine, #FightForHer, and Students Demand Action, and I can’t wait to explore more clubs in my years at Ohio State. I have an interest in student government and student political advocacy and I hope to take on leadership roles in clubs and organizations like these that fit my interests. This will harvest my leadership abilities and make me a competitive applicant in the work force through the experiences I can gain at Ohio State.

Service Engagement is important to me because I feel that every person has a beneficial role to play in this world, and I know that many organizations at Ohio State can help me become a helpful world citizen. Through service clubs like the Harry Potter Alliance or pairing with Columbus organizations like Equitas Health, I can make my positive mark on the world starting in Columbus. I am invested in helping in the medical field through volunteering and fundraising for charities, and I plan to grow through these experiences at Ohio State to make my career meaningful.