Year in Review

This semester has been a large transition in my life. I left behind all my friends and family to come to Ohio State University; however, I have made many new friends and met a very diverse range of people. The shift in coursework has probably been the most dramatic and abrupt. Classes are much more rigorous and involve more out-of-class work than in high school. They have taught me how to better manage my time and my studying habits have improved, although I still have much more room for improvement. I also have been given many more freedoms, such as scheduling my own classes, doing my own laundry, and paying for everything. Overall, these freedoms have taught me responsibility.

The second semester of my freshman year, I was still adjusting, but felt much more acclimated to the Ohio State University environment. During the fall semester, I was concerned with adjusting so I did join any student organizations; however, this semester I decided to become more involved. I was recommend by a friend to pledge Alpha Phi Omega, a coed service fraternity. I was hesitant about joining Greek life, but decided to look into it. I pledged and soon fell in love with the extremely strong sense of fellowship that the fraternity had. It provided me with many fun service projects that I would not have heard of otherwise and I’ve made a lot of new friends of all years. I am very excited to return next semester and I hope to acquire a leadership position in the near future.

My third semester began my sophomore year at the Ohio State University. It gave me a lot of time to strengthen bonds and form new ones. I wanted to take more responsibility within my Fraternity, so I took up a position as a family head. Within Alpha Phi Omega we are split into seven different families, so as a family head I coordinated events for members of my family to come together and bond. I was also trained in first aid and began volunteering with the Red Cross FAST division. We work as first responders at events around Columbus including Basketball games and concerts. Both activities have given me a real sense of satisfaction and responsibility and I have really enjoyed helping others in a multiple of ways.

My fourth semester ended my sophomore year and it was certainly my most challenging semester yet. Specifically, my courses were very difficult and become ever more so once we were sent home for the second half of the semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was very hard for me to stay focused and motivated while confined to my home, but I was able to finish the semester with my best GPA yet and I am very proud of myself. Before leaving campus I joined Doctors Without Borders. We were unable to complete our fundraiser, but I am excited to work with them next year. I enjoyed the responsibility I gained the last semester in my frat as a family head and continued as a family head this semester. I wanted to really gain more responsibility and give back to my fraternity so I ran in our elections for the position of Membership Vice President. I didn’t win the elections, but I am excited to work the Membership Vice President moving forward and I am determined on running again at the end of next year.

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