Global Awareness

  • Keeping myself updated on, as well as making sure others stay aware about global issues is very important to me and I try to surround myself with diverse company so that I can continue to hear unique perspectives. Attending Ohio State University comes with many opportunities, one being studying abroad. I would like to study abroad at least, so that I can have the opportunity of immersing myself in a different culture.

Original Inquiry

  • I would like to obtain a position conducting research at some point during my career at the Ohio State University. If possible I would like to research something related to neonatology. I believe research can be very useful in expanding one’s knowledge and can definitely help one’s chances in an interview.

Academic Enrichment

  • I am currently taking chemistry and calculus to aid me in my pursuit of a biology degree, which I am pursuing to help me apply to medical school. I also plan on taking general education classes that both are the most practical in obtaining my degree, but also the ones I find most interesting.

Leadership Development

  • I believe leadership roles allow one to learn about themselves, as well as build one’s interpersonal skills. I would like to earn a leadership role at some point, by joining a club and moving up the ranks.

Service Engagement

  • Biological Sciences Scholars provides many service opportunities. This is very important to me, because I feel like everyone should give back to their community. Helping people is one of the reasons I decided to go into the medical field, so doing service now is the best way I can help my community.

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