Exploring Hockney

Hockney’s main issue with photo shop is that it has taken away from the individuality of different magazine’s , for example, that they use to incorporate photographs with other art mediums like drawings. Hockney believes that all magazines are bland now because of their use of perfected pictures.

Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool. Our automated collage here takes our photos and throw them together in way that would be much more time consuming if done by hand. Photoshop takes our images and makes them bigger and smaller and arranges them with a focus on the main subject of the images. Photoshop, like power tools, automates manual labor into a much more efficient process.

My definition of creativity is ones ability to take experience or understanding  of something and to translate it well into an art medium. All people should have a voice in determining what is creative. I don’t believe AI’s are creative because no matter what, when you break it down they are simply taking other artworks and mixing them together.

In Progress Face Swap

In this project we used the marquee tool, paint brush, and layering tools. All the tools are necessary to do the process of swapping the faces so far. To get the skin tones as similar as possible we took the RGB channels from the skin on the painting. Once I had the channels from the paintings skin I changed the outputs on my face to match those of the paintings. The painting is Jan Matejko’s “Portrait of Artist’s Children.”. This painting resonated with me because it related to me and my heritage. I also have a younger brother that’s why I put my face on the oldest looking child’s face.

Elements and Principles of Art

Color: This photo of my dog is a good representation of color with the various colors on my dog, the green grass, the blue sky, brown trees, and dark shade.
Alignment: This photo shows alignment with the alignment of the 2X4’s in line.
Contrast: This photo of my dog shows contrast as my dog has mostly black fur and the woods we were in was blanketed with snow and filled with light brown trees.
Balance: This photo of my friend shows balance by showing the same stance in the present 3D and in the 2D frame.
Line: This tattoo shows line by connecting points in multiple area within the tattoo.
Movement: This photo of my dog shows movement in two ways. This photo shows the path my dog is running two but also shows the direction and way the waves hit the shores.
Pattern: This photo shows pattern with the repeating color sequence on my friends umbrella hat.
Space: This photo of an açaí bowl shows space with the large amount of negative space on the ground ahead of it.
Proportion: This photo of Dumbo shows proportion with the motorcycle directly in front of me and the size of the bridge at the end of the alley that shows how large it is.
Shape: This photo shows shape because the very light snow fall shows the contour in the hatch of the car that would appear flat without it.
Emphasis: This photo puts emphasis on the lipstick mark by cutting off the Ferrari and also it being known it normally wouldn’t be there.
Form: This photo in downtown Cleveland shows form by showing the building wit Kyrie on a corner. The corner shows that the building continues and the sun shining on one side much more than the other adds to the form.
Value: This photo of an area of buildings in Manhattan shows value with the buildings going from very light brown to the very dark patch of buildings.
Unity: This photo shows unity with crowd all facing and having attention on concert.
Texture: This photo of my dog shows texture with the various levels of fluffiness of fur on his body.