How Organic Chemistry I Influenced My Outlook on my Time in College

One of my favorite courses that I have learned about not only important synthesis of organic molecules, but also myself was my first organic chemistry course. In the beginning of the class, I lacked motivation to study and work hard in this class, as the COVID restrictions greatly distracted me. In the Fall 2020 Semester, I was still trying to get used to the atmosphere of virtual learning, and because I attended classes in my dorm, focusing was very difficult for me. However, while talking with my professor, Dr. Sevov, he mentioned how when times are most difficult, it is important to refocus on what your drive is and how you plan to achieve them. If your drive is exceptional, but the way you fulfill it is not aligned with you or your values, you may need to re-evaluate if your drive is truly yours. Taking this advice, I pondered whether if the classes were allowing to achieve my drive: to become a versatile physician capable of supporting various people through the most strenuous moments of life. Therefore, I decided to spend most of my time at the library to designate time were I would force myself to focus. With the success in this class, I was able to better understand my drive and how I hope that through perseverance and adaptability I can accomplish it.

A Second Year in Review

It is crazy to think I am writing another year in review; I remember writing my first one last year. The events during this second year at The Ohio State University have completely unpredictable. My first-year self would not have predicted anything such as this pandemic, the virtual learning, and the social isolation/distancing. Beginning the second year was difficult for me because the Scholars community friends I made from my first year were not only on the other side of campus, but we also did not share as many classes as I hoped. Additionally, these two semesters required many hours of commitment, as they were both 18 and 20 credit hours, respectively. Throughout my first year, I was worried about staying ahead and focused on my courses. While I may have done well in some classes, I believe that I spread myself too thinly. Finding time to take care of myself and exercising more social, community-minded practices were difficult to manage, in addition to COVID restrictions. Because I scattered myself recklessly this year, I found it difficult to be present in the present. As my mind wandered and worried about the future, I was able to reconnect, however, to some of my good friends from BioSci Scholars and engineering. Their constant encouragement and support helped me refocus on how taking the most credit hours or pursuing perfect grades can be futile. In addition to focusing on my drive and effort, they reminded me of how I have the responsibility to take care of myself. For one of my classes, I decided to use this mentality, when a professor refused to help me with linear algebra concepts in his office hours. Standing my ground and explaining how instructors should not only teach students when they are confused, but also how to better use this mentality in his course. Conversely, I attended more office hours from my other professors how readily helped me and provided suitable clarification. Having a better understanding of knowing what I need to best benefit from any learning experience has been very instrumental, substantiated through the notes, late nights at Thompson Library, and my grades. I hope to use this maturity and understanding of myself in both the remainder of my college years and my career.

Vision Statement & Statement of Action

Because a hospital can be where significant events can occur, such as the beginning of life and death itself, I hope to be a physician were I can persevere through complex practices to ensure that patients and coworkers can experience a sense of security and belonging despite the highs and lows of their life experiences.

In order to achieve this vision, I am pursuing a biomedical engineering major with a Pre-Med Track. By potentially getting a teaching assistant position, I will also hopefully hone my leadership qualities and communication skills to help students. If possible, I hope to partake in an internship or Co-Op position in order to gain professional experience in the medical devices field. The next step may be to apply to medical school, but life always has a different plan!

Artifact 2

Although COVID-19 has restricted the opportunities I hoped to involve myself, my research position has fortunately been able to be continued despite the shortcoming of a virtual environment. In my research, I evaluate the number of mitotic figures in a given histopathological slide, which is a sample of sarcoma and other cancerous soft tissue. The interface I use known as Histomics UI allows me to scan and annotate these slides to address the probability of an ensuing occurrence of cell division. Using the annotations, the research team hopesto find a computational algorithms that uses Artificial Intelligence to scan and find the mitotic figures.
Initially, first trying to find these figures prove to be difficult, as I have never had any experience of mitotic figures in this setting. I found myself getting easily discouraged and disappointed with myself as my colleagues on the team were exceptional at this task. Learning to be patient with myself has been very important in order to maintain my self-esteem. Unfortunately, however, the server crashed and erased all the data acquisition my team and I have been collecting. Since, we have been trying to recollect the data without getting discouraged.
Remembering that we were a team and that we will work through these setbacks was very important. Although I am not always the most optimistic person, manifesting and trying to work with a productive, joyful energy truly makes a difference.


In this e-Portfolio, I have consolidated significant experiences during my times as a Biological Science Scholar, majoring in biomedical engineering, as The Ohio State University. Such experience include my service experiences, the organizations in which I participate, and my curriculum as a Pre-Med Student. In addition to being active within the Newman Center Community, I also enjoy dancing with my friends at the Buckeyes on Tap Club. Another field I am especially proud of is my research with the Department of Computer Science Engineering, as we observe and analyze histopathological slides of sarcoma.

Reflection of the Service at the Hot Chocolate Run

Initially, I chuckled at the idea of waking up before 5 AM for this service opportunities. However, one of my friends and roommates encouraged me to do it as it would complete a significant portion of my service hour requirement. Hesitantly, I agreed and walked the thirty minute trail to the event at 4:30 AM. I had no idea how many of my friends were also volunteering; even before we did anything, I was already having fun. Despite the weird group of adults that were staring at my girl friends, we made progress setting up water and snack stations. After a couple hours, runners came persevering through the cold and wind with bright and appreciative smiles. I often forget how important to give back to your community. Doing so with friends also reminded me that “teamwork makes the dream work.” 🙂


Siddharth Fernandes_Resume

First Semester:
From working at the Toledo Zoo to volunteering at the Camden ,New Jersey, Joseph’s House (homeless shelter), I have striven to develop strong interpersonal skills in order to empathize with others. In my future job, I will give myself to the community in order to break divisions or any social barriers. More experience will come as I am hoping to purse a co-op.

Second Semester:
One of the most exciting and significant opportunities that I have encountered was that I was recommended to be a General Chemistry Teaching Assistant! In addition to bolstering my resume, I hope to be a TA because it offers a chance to connect myself to different networks of the OSU institution. Furthermore, in order to find a co-op, I have connected myself with the OSU Engineering Career Services.

Year in Review

Semester 1

I remember when my dad took me to dinner before I was to check-in for the OWL Program. My dad has been such a humble, virtuous influence in my life. During that dinner, anxiety coiled me, and I thought that I would fail at having a successful, enjoyable campus life. However, once I met my OWL group, not only did they demonstrate unmatched kindness, but they were authentic and animated. Because of their honorable openness, my college life and my expectations of were changed for the Additionally, they roomed on the same floor as me, allowing for friendships to further blossom.

Furthermore, their encouragement and work ethic during the move-in process inspired me to not only to be studious, but also to be outgoing. For instance, in high school, I tended to procrastinate and struggled with time management. However, realizing that my future and my hopes to extend my work to others requires me to be consistently organized and prepared for my classes. I have also begun to study in appreciation of the material as oppose to studying for a letter grade; my studies fascinates and inspires me to be diligent and accountable.

Nevertheless, the relationships I have formed truly have impacted me the most. One organization I am a part of is Buckeye on Tap, a tap dancing club that has weekly practices. Even though I am the only male in the group, my friends look pass my differences and are amiable. What further inspires me is not only their great talents, but also their work ethic and genuine dedication to helping other dancers. Another communities of I am a part is the Newman Center. Through time of great difficulty and success in my academic career, the people of the community have kept me grounded and are supportive of who I am. For that, I am eternally grateful. I have been more aware of my interests and have been also pursuing a music minor.In the upcoming years, I hope to be more active in service. Because I have received much support, I hope to reflect this attitude and empathy to others.

Reflecting on my taken path in college is important. By reflecting on the past, one can truly appreciate the growth in other and himself or herself.

Urban Air Panel

On September 6th, some Biological Sciences Scholar students and I attended a panel of researchers who discussed the environmental, social, and economic impact of pollution of the air via motor vehicles, factories, and other pollutant-causing systems. What really appealed to me was the correlation of social injustice to race, in regards to the opportunities are available in neighbors with high toxin levels in the air. Therefore, environmental sociologists are attempting to bring awareness to this predicament by educating lower-income middle-school students about way to minimize waste in their daily lives. Conversely, environmental economists are negotiating with powerful industries about minimizing their pollution, as well.


Ever since I was in third grade, I have enjoyably participated in musicals, such as Big Fish, 42nd Street, West Side Story, and many other classics. Therefore, I decided to study tap dancing in my first year of high school. Because many tap dancers traditionally begin in their childhood, I attended various intensive classes in order to attain needed prestige. Tap dancing has been such an integral part of my high school and college experience. At OSU, I am currently in the club Buckeye on Tap. From rehearsals to performances, tap dancing has been an avenue for me to interact with various members of society, the audience or my dancing partners. Through dancing, I hope to provide entertainment, laughter, and awe to people in the midst of their daily lives.