Flexibility, Versatility, Adaptibility


The FEH Proteus Robot Controller is the heart and soul of your vehicle. It has been developed entirely by FEH teaching associates in order to bring you the most advanced, intuitive, and specialized controller for your robot. This site has been designed to help you get started using this device. While it may seem intimidating, the firmware that has been created to interface with your sensors and motors was made to be as user-friendly as possible.

The Proteus was developed to replace the MIT Handyboard which was previously used by the program. At the Proteus’ core is a Freescale ARM Cortex M-4 processor which allows you to program your robot in C++. Qt Creator was selected as the programming environment of choice for the Proteus in order to gain cross-platform compatibility and because it is widely used in industry. The name “Proteus” is taken from the god of rivers in Greek mythology. The adjective “protean” means capable of assuming many forms.