Welcome to Team Y6’s final project. Our team name is “Parke’s Purpose Police”.

On this website, you will find everything you need from our team agreement, to our final conclusions and designs and everything in between :)!


Meet our team members!

Anthea Weisman is a first-year undergraduate student at The Ohio State University enrolled in the Chemical Engineering program as well as being on the pre-med track. She is a 2020 alumna of Ursuline Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio. Anthea is currently finishing up her first year in the Honors Engineering program. Currently, she is involved in SWE (Society of Women Engineers) and AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers). Although Anthea has no current or previous research experience outside of this Nanotechnology project, she is interested in working on renewable energy sources in the future. This semester, she has chosen to focus on the nanotechnology portion of the micro-nano research project where she and her team are working to develop a lab on a chip microfluidic device for diagnosing hyperthyroidism from a drop of blood.
Michael Kuban is an undergraduate student majoring in engineering physics and political science at The Ohio State University. He graduated from Avon Lake High School (located in Avon Lake, Ohio) in 2020. He has engineering physics research experience from high school, where he worked on a team to help design a large-scale Foucault pendulum to display in his school. Currently, he is focused on the microfluidics side of the micro-nano research project, in which he is studying cell adhesion and hyperthyroidism. In the future, Michael hopes to go into research related to astrophysics.
Katie Jones is a first-year undergraduate student in Ohio State University’s Department of Engineering. She is a biomedical engineering pre-major with a minor in neuroscience. Katie attended Springfield High School in Springfield, PA and graduated in 2020. She has previous research experience in high school studying cellular respiration and fermentation in yeast cells. Katie is currently focusing on research in the nanotechnology portion of the micro-nano research project in hyperthyroidism and antigen analyte interactions. She is a member of Biomedical Engineering Society. Katie plans to work in the prosthetic industry in the future.
Drew Ripberger is a Computer Science pre-major in the College of Engineering at the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. He is from Cincinnati, OH and graduated from Sycamore High School in 2020. Drew is involved in Computer Science research at Ohio State where he is working on distributed systems and parsing. His research interests are in the areas of distributed computing, databases, and parallel computing. He is currently focusing on the microfluidics portion of the nano project, and his main role has been researching cell adhesion and designing an experiment to investigate the behavior of esophageal squamous cells in a microfluidic device.