Below are a list of all of the team’s budgets. These are updated as the project continues, so multiple drafts are placed in reverse chronological order. It was very important to the team that we stayed within the $160 budget set out by FEHSA because we did not want to produce something that was not economically responsible or plausible. We were able to achieve this goal, with over $15 remaining.


Source: http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/35i32j

Budget 2 – Active Budget (Updated Constantly)

  • Below is current budget in Excel Online, and we will strive to update it on here as frequently as possible. The goal with the budget was to focus on the chassis and drivetrain while keeping the mechanisms cheap and simple. As a result, the chassis and drivetrain accounted for most of the early spending, as indicated by the line chart in the spreadsheet and approximately 75% of the money spent on the project.

Budget 1 – Preliminary Budget and Planning (2/17/16)

  • Below is our initial estimate for the robot that we are considering building. There are still potential alterations to be made as we are not entirely certain how we will be accomplishing the dumbbell carrying task. These are all pre-purchases, and we hope to cut costs as smartly as possible.