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We are a robot design team for the Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors 2016 program with the objective of designing and building an autonomous robot to complete a set of predetermined tasks. At the end of the semester long project, a competition is held to determine which robots were the best. We placed 2nd in the pool play for the most consistent robot and placed 2nd overall in the entire competition.

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A full description of the scenario document can be found below. This outlines all of the requirements for our project.

If the scenario document is lengthy, here are some slides that summarize the robot scenario.

And if you were wondering why our team name was Leeroy Jenkins, just Google it and watch the first video that comes up. It’s a reference to World of Warcraft video so that we can demonstrate how cool we are. DISCLAIMER: The video contains a few inappropriate words that may not be suitable for all audiences, so watch at your own discretion.