A. User Manual


  • Collect all oranges, gaining points for each orange collected


  • Don’t touch the ghosts
  • Maneuver around walls


  1. Boot up the FEH Proteus by pressing the power button. Proteus On/Off button
  2. Select an option from the menu interface with a tap. FEHeck Yeah menu
  3. For the instructions, tap through to view all of them. FEHeck Yeah Instructions
  4. For the game play, use the following rules: FEHeck Yeah game play
    • Tap UP to go up
    • Tap DWN to go down
    • Tap RGT to go right
    • Tap LEFT to go left
    • Tap PSE to pause
    • Tap PLY to play
    • Tap END to end game
    • You can also swipe on the map to change direction
  5. When you finish you can donate your points by tapping the person’s name at the bottom of the results screen. FEHeck Yeah results
  6. You can click out of the leaderboard back to the menu by tapping. FEHeck Yeah leaderboard
  7. To reset the leaderboard statistics, simply press “Reset Stats” on the main menu.
  8. To view the credits, simply press “Credits” on the main menu and then tap to return. FEHeck Yeah credits