E. Conclusions and Recommendations


After many hours of planning and writing code for the FEHeck Yeah, there were many things that went well for the team, but there were things that did not go well. Some positive outcomes were that the map looked exactly how it was expected to look, the ghosts move around the map in unpredictable motion, and the player logic for moving the character worked. Some things that did not go well was the shape of the ghosts, and the number of lives. The Proteus could not handle constantly moving the complex shape, and the team couldn’t get the number of lives working. Some of the problems we encountered while testing the game was the menu screen and the rendering of the game on the screen. The text on menu screen would not go where we told it to so the team had to adjust the position equations. To address the rendering of the screen, we had to rearrange the code so only the four moving characters would be updated instead of the full map. This decreased the lag on the Proteus and made the game run smoothly.


Looking back at the project, we wish that we could have added AI to the ghosts to make the game harder. Also, we wish that we could have made the characters more detailed than squares and circles. If more time was allotted, the team would change the game to include ghosts with AI. Then we would change the characters so they were more detailed but this would require a more powerful system to run on.