A. Project Proposal

Criteria for the best game design:

  • Fun to play
  • Easy to use for any user
  • Not too hard to code
  • A game we both like playing

Brainstormed game ideas:

  • A pacman game but FEH style
  • Chess
  • A FEH style Candy Crush
  • FEH Mario Bros.
  • Crossy Roads

Final decision:

  • An FEH style pacman game

Game name :

FEHeck Yeah

Game description:

A game similar to pacman but with FEH characters and a different map.

The player has to try and collect all of the oranges on the map and not run into the ghosts.

If the player finishes, they will be able to choose one of TA’s or Dr.Parke as the player they want to add their score to.

Basic features:

  • 1 playable map
  • 1 pacman like character
  • 2 ghosts to run away from
  • Starting menu
  • Three lives
  • Game over screen

Additional features:

  • A leader board which displays name and time survived
  • Additional maps/random map generation
  • Pause button with different options
  • Ghost’s slowly accelerate
  • Statistics reset