Get ready to grow some grass. No not the weed kind. Just good old, American lawn grass that would make your dad proud. Whether you need an escape from the grind of 9 to 5 job or the soul crushing workload of college, you can come here and revel in the pleasure of growing grass. Thrill as you overcome the challenges of maintaining a well watered and curated lawn by battling the wear and tear of other people and animal on your green pasture. Interact with the game through an exciting touch interface that will make you feel like you’re really there. If you need a challenge, bump the difficulty up to hard. But be wary of the impossible difficulty, as no user has ever completed it. This game is a limited time offer and you can only play it on December 5th in Hitchcock Hall, room 214. So grab the kids, the dog, your roommate, and Grandpa Joe and get ready to experience Grass Simulator 2018.