What is FeelGood

The goal: Ending world hunger in our lifetime

The method: Selling gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches

FeelGood is a national movement pioneered on over 20 college campuses across the United States. It was founded by Kristen Walter and a group of cross country runners at the University of Texas-Austin. Kristen and her friends started out by making grilled cheese sandwiches for her fellow students and after 6 months, they had raised $10,000. Since the start of FeelGood in 2005, $1.6 million dollars have been raised to go towards the ending of world hunger.

Where does this money go? Well, FeelGood has two partner organizations that obtain the funds raised on college campuses. The two organizations are The Hunger Project, and Choice Humanitarian. Chapters get to decide which organization they would like to give their earnings to, and we at Ohio State chose to support The Hunger Project (more information can be obtained here: http://www.thp.org).

We are so excited to not only raise money for The Hunger Project, but to raise awareness about world hunger on the campus of Ohio State through the sale of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

Here’s to a successful and delicious year!

Cheesy Cheers,

Emma Miller-Cvilikas, President-FeelGood