My G.O.A.L.S. are extremely important to me.

Global Awareness

Appreciation for diversity and developing myself as a global citizen is something I have always been interested in. I love learning of others cultures and customs. I will be traveling to Europe this summer and fulling immersing myself in the culture. I feel learning about other cultures helps me better understand my own and cherish the uniqueness that different backgrounds bring to the world as a whole.

Original Inquiry

Research is fascinating to me. I love the idea of sharing ideas across the globe and creating my own inquiries upon what is already known. I have begun the research process. I am currently on a project investigating the effects of proton pump inhibitor use on kidney health. I have found that this hands on experience is the best way to learn about the research process and my specific topic. As I continue this research project, I will continue to grow a greater understanding of how research benefits the world around us, and how the world around us influences research.

Academic Enrichment

I will pursue academic excellence both in and out of the classroom. I appreciate the saying, “If you’re the smartest one in the room, then you’re in the wrong room.” I try to surround myself with an environment where I can learn and excel best. I will remain organized, not be afraid to ask questions, and continue to challenge myself. I promise to stay committed to these goals because they will help me be excellent. I have challenged myself these past few years with a mixture of rigorous course work and outside learning.

Leadership Development

I attempt to put forward a positive example for others in my everyday life. I believe this is one of the best things a leader can do. I am currently the President of The Boo Radley Society. Previously, in the student organization, I was a team captain, and the Director of Marketing. As President, I lead a team of executive members. This has taught me a lot about what being a leader is truly about. Being a leader is not a one man job, it is listening to every single other input you have and putting it towards your goals. Being a leader is having the opportunity to represent something greater than yourself. I also have the opportunity to make a great change in others lives; whether that be my general body members, or the Ohio State community.

Service Enrichment

I volunteer as a Patient Advocate Assistant at the University of Toledo Medical Center. I meet a patients from various cultures, backgrounds, classes, and races. I have learned a greater appreciation for the medical field and what it can do for people. I have learned that any amount of service can make a huge difference in someone’s life. As a PAA I act as a bridge between the patients and families and the medical staff. This helps make the hospital run smoother and keeps all parties involved on the same page. Overall, it creates a better experience and environment for the patient while they are in an unfavorable situation. I also volunteer at The James Art Gallery. The art gallery provides an escape for patients, loved ones, and staff while they are taking on the toughest battle known the man: cancer. I am pleased to be able to help others in any way I can.


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