Group D – Our Approach

For our AEV Project we realized we needed a few key components to make a functional vehicle. We decided we are going to use two wheels in hopes to make one wheel a forward direction wheel and the other a backward direction wheel so we can control the direction of the vehicle with ease. We also decided to add a propeller to the vehicle to give our vehicle a slight boost so it can climb the inclines on the track. In order to determine distance that the vehicle needs to travel, we will be using the reflection sensor to determine how many times the wheel turns to get control of the distance the vehicle will travel. Also, after the vehicle travels the distance we need, we will activate some sort of breaking mechanism to stop the vehicle from moving. The last basic thing we figured we would need is a simple way to keep the battery secure so that it does not fall off the vehicle during movement.


For more information about our AEV Project, visit our page: Group D

Group M – Our Approach

Our aim is to build the most efficient, light-weight, and cost effective AEV possible while meeting all other requirements. Testing is being done to determine the motor strengths, the difference between pushing and pulling the AEV, the servo turn speed, and the efficiency of the propellers. We are planning on redesigning our own base around a rectangular design and redesigning the propellers to maximize their efficiency. Our design goal is to place a motor onto a servo that will rotate 180 degrees to allow the motor to change directions when the AEV reaches the end of the track. We are open to any company offering funding for our research and development aimed at improving transportation from underprivileged areas to job centers.

Group B – Our Approach

The goal for Group B is to build the fastest, cheapest, and most energy efficient AEV possible, while still having a stylish vehicle. We want Bevis Device Inc. to be just as confident in this product as we are. Many tests will be conducted to maximize every aspect of the vehicle, from the timing of the motors, to the aerodynamics of the body and its weight, and everywhere in between. Our goal is to have a fine-tuned vehicle that will improve the community in more than just one way.