The Advanced Energy Vehicle Project

“The Advance Energy Vehicle (AEV) design project is a teambased project that introduces¬†concepts of project management and teamwork, the design process, and project¬†documentation.” (Whitfield 7) This project is based around the mission given to a team within the rebel alliance. The galactic empire is regaining power after the Death Star was destroyed, and the group is tasked with solving the problem of navigating to the cargo, through a gate, and bring it back to the base. Constraints on this seemingly simple problem are energy efficiency, timing, cost, and parts. The vehicle that the team creates must consider all these obstacles, and find a viable solution to complete the mission.


This is the final portfolio of Group H in Schrock’s 3:00 class in the Spring of 2017, containing information on the design process, the labs, and the project as a whole.