Welcome To Group R’s Page!

Meet the Team:

Megan Denk:

  • denk.20@osu.edu
  • Team Leader

Emily Song

  • song.1210@osu.edu
  • Coding

Patrick Henry

  • henry.825@osu.edu
  • Project Manager

Justin Cook

  • cook.1502@osu.edu
  • Designer


Table of Contents

1. The Mission

2. Lab Documentation

A. Lab 1

B. Lab 2

C. Lab 3

D. Lab 4

E. Lab 5

F. Lab 6

G. Lab 7

H. Performance Test 1

I. Performance Test 2

J. Performance Test 3

3. Design Reports and Documentation

A. Preliminary Design Review (PDR)

B. Critical Design Review (CDR)

4. Sketches

A. Emily’s Rough Sketch

B. Justin’s Rough Sketch

C. Megan’s Rough Sketch

D. Patrick’s Rough Sketch

E. Group R’s First Design

F. Group R’s Final Design

5. Testing Codes

A. Code on March 23

B. Code on March 27

C. Code on March 29

D. Code made on April 3

E. Code made on April 5

F. Code on April 6

G. Code made on April 10

H. Code made on April 12

I. Final Testing Code Run 1

J. Final Testing Code Run 2

6. Team Meeting Notes

A. Team Meeting 1

B. Team Meeting 2

C. Team Meeting 3

D. Team Meeting 4

E. Team Meeting 5

F. Team Meeting 6

G. Team Meeting 7

H. Team Meeting 8

I. Team Meeting 9

J. Team Meeting 10

7. Schedule

A. PDF of the schedule for the entire semester