Welcome Page

Table of Contents

  • Project Management Documentation– states all the parts in this section
    • Team working agreement- the terms every team member will follow
    • Individual Responsibility agreement- states the list of roles each team member is responsible for
    • Project schedule- states required activities and how many are completed
    • Meeting notes- notes and actions that occur during meetings
  • Business plan– ways to make BlackJack better and to sell it
    • User Interview- 2 different people interviewed
    • Print Advertisement- advertisement to sell the product
    • Pitch Video- describe how the game works and why it should be bought
  • Software Documentation– includes all documentation regarding the game
    • Introduction-Introduces game information and what happened during the coding process
    • User Manual- instruction to play the game for someone who doesn’t know Matlab
    • Program Description- description of Blackjack and how it runs on Matlab
    • Flowchart- describes the sequence of functions and commands that run the game
    • Program with Comments- the code file that runs blackjack on Matlab
    • Discussion- states progression of the blackjack code and problems that arose
    • Conclusion and Recommendation-Conclusion and thoughts from project and what would be changed if the team had more time


Executive Summary

Blackjack was chosen as the game for the project because of the groups love of the game. In addition, the group believed that this game would be easy to manage. From this project, the group wanted to present what was learned from the past semester and have the last fun experience working with our group partners. While it took many hours to complete, it was a fun experience and every membered was able to hone their coding skills 

After the game was chosen, the first action was to see what functions the code would need and this was accomplished through making a flowchart for the entire program. Using it, the group separated it into different small function and assigned it to each team member. When each teammember competed their code, it was combined and tested. There were many modifications for the game to run smoothly on Matlab. However, the team was able to overcome the problems, debuged it, and then design a graphical user interface for it. When the last line of code was typed, the team had created a fully working BlackJack game. The problems that arose from how to shuffle card deck or how to check whether user is busted was completely resolved and the game worked smoothly. The group worked hard through all the problem and finally come up with this software function that allows for the player to play a fun game.