F. Discussion

Problem Solving

A large part of the programming process that our team faced was problem solving. Our team faced a couple problems that required some in depth problem solving and brainstorming to over come.

The first problem that our group faced was illness. One member in our group who was in charge of a large amount of the coding for our original game choice fell ill with appendicitis. This brought all coding for Battleship to a halt. In order to get around this problem we decided, as a group, to code a back up game that would still fulfill all requirements for the game rubric. We decided on War and began to code the game immediately.

Another problem faced was bugs and errors in the code. As a group we had to each take time to look over the code in order work out any errors and create a game that runs smoothly.

Possible Improvements

After looking at our game and evaluating it further our group had a few revisions we would have made to our game. The first revision would have been to add a graphic aspect to the game. The graphic aspect would have been to have the player and opponents cards display when the round was played. Another improvement could’ve been to give the game the option to be a two player game. That way it would have emulated War more accurately than playing against a computer.