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Table of Contents

  • Team Agreement
  • Individual Responsibility Agreement
  • Project Schedule
  • Meeting Notes
  • User Identification and Interviews
  • Electronic/Print Advertiesment
  • Pitch Video
  • Introduction
  • User Manual
  • Program Description for Developers
  • Final Algorithm
  • Final Program with Comments
  • Conclusion and Recommendation
  • References

Executive Summary:

This website goes over every aspect of the SDP assignment and is broken up into three parts. The first part being Project Management which holds the Team Agreement, the Individual Responsibility Agreement, the Project Schedule, and the Meeting notes. Both Agreements found in this section outline each team members responsibilities for the project and the schedule and meeting notes summarize what work went on in meetings and when work was done. The next part of the website is the Business Plan section. This part housed the interviews, advertisement and pitch video. All aspects of the Business Plan section were completed in an effort to make the game created through SDP more appealing to customers or investors. The final section, Software Documentation, houses the introduction, manual, description, algorithm, final program, conclusion, discussion, and references. The introduction simply states why, as a group, we chose the game we did. The manual offers any potential player insight as to how to play the game. The description is written in order to effectively communicate the different aspects of the code to other people who are familiar with coding language. Along with the description, an algorithm is provided in order to once again communicate the way the code works and operates. The program itself is shown with comments so it can be examined and possibly further developed by others. The discussion, conclusion, and references all document possible improvements along with things learned from this project and what outside resources were used to create the game.