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Table of Contents

1.Project Management

a. Team Working Agreement

b. Individual Responsibility Agreement

c. Project Schedule

d. Meeting Notes

2.  Business Plan

a. User Identification and Interviews

b. Electronic/Print Advertisement

c. Pitch Video With Demonstration

3.  Software Documentation

a. Introduction

b. User Manual

c. Program Description For Developers

d. Final Algorithm, Flowchart, or Pseudocode

e. Final Program With Comments

f. Discussion

g. Conclusions and Recommendations

h. References


Executive Summary

In the software design project, the engineering team was tasked to create a game using their knowledge of MATLAB and problem-solving skills learned throughout the semester. The team focused on different aspects of the project and collectively created the game Hangman. This game has a complexity score of two. Ultimately, sprites and sound effects were added to the game for the users experience with the game and to also boost the complexity score to a three.

The team observed through user interviews that a typical user prefers short games that can be played multiple times. Hangman was the perfect game for a short game that can be played by oneself through the use of artificial intelligence. It was also found that a game that uses visual aspects and a sense of sound are also preferred. Hangman is a visual game and sound effects can also be incorporated to inform the user of their decisions.

The team approached the development of the game in a very structured sort of manner. First, the base layout of the game was created. The basic logic was constructed and was tested to make sure there were no flaws. One particular challenge was being able to display a blank array that filled itself with right guesses. The team accomplished this goal. After this, the cosmetics were added to the game. Sound effects were added first and functioned well with the game. Sprites were also added to the game and provided a very nice visual experience for the user. It was observed that the team had to learn how to implement these functions as they were not taught to us. The team took some time and learned the basics of how to implement these functions. The game was finally finished and was tested to perfection.

During final testing, Hangman ran well, and users were able to guess letters from a random word. The game passed the complexity test and also went above and received three points due to its sprites and sound effects.

Overall, the creation of the game Hangman was a success. The team was able to create a game with a complexity of score of two and even went above and beyond and added features that made the game achieve a complexity score of three. Users are able to play this game with no troubles and enjoy it as well. The game was slightly limited and could have allowed for a multiplayer option, but two users can definitely take turns guessing letters and beat the game together. The game can also be adjusted to creates different categories of words, the game at this moment is just one category which is different foods.