B. User Manual

For children 12+

Simple Dice Game- Guessing

1 Player Game

1 Dice

The objective of this game is to guess of what the die is after it is rolled.

    1. First you roll the die
    2. Without knowing what the top of the die reveals, you guess the number of dots on top of the die.
    3. If you are wrong, you have to guess again. After multiple attempts the computer will get frustrated.
    4. You’ll be hinted if you are under or over the correct guess
    5.  When you have successfully guessed the number revealed on the top of the die then you….HAVE……WOOOOOONNNN!!!



1 Player

The player has to roll their dice until all dice match revealing the same number.

  1. The player holds 10 die
  2. The first roll will be of all 10 die. The player then has to choose a selected number from 1-6 that they strive to have their die as.
  3. The game isn’t won until the player has rolled each individual die to reveal the same number.
  4. Once a die is rolled and reveals the number they strive for, they do not have to roll that die again. (This is for all rounds)
  5.  With each game they’ll have to beat their score of the lowest amount of times they’ve had to roll their die.

Mystery Game

1 Player

The participants must try to go through scenarios of a robbery against them, yet choose the right choices to survive and win.

  1. The player is allowed to answer yes or no to every option of what to do.
  2. Once they answer what happens next is revealed.
  3.  If they end up getting caught or dying then the player can choose to replay the game from the beginning
  4. To win the game, a good memory is needed to get through each option choosing the right one to stay alive.