User Interview #2

Q – What was your overall opinion of the game?

A – I thought the game was pretty fun. I liked how there was a theme to the game.

Q – Are there any improvements that you would like to see the game between now and the final product?

A – I would like to see spacing in the answers for hangman.

Q – What aspects of the game did you enjoy most?

A – I enjoyed how easy it was to to input answers and see results.

User Interview #1

1.Q – What are some games you have played recently?

A – I have played Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege , and Call of Duty.

2.Q – What are some games that you might enjoy playing in MATLAB?

A – I would enjoy Minecraft.

3.Q – In your opinion what is the optimal length a game should take to play?

A – Around 5-10 minutes.

4.Q – What aspects of a game make it enjoyable to play?

A – Repetition, achievement, and the ability to level up.