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Table of Contents

1.Project Management

A. Team Working Agreement

B. Individual Responsibility Agreement

C. Project Schedule

D. Meeting Notes

2. Business Plan

A. User Identification and Interviews

B. Electronic/Print Advertisement

C. Pitch Video with Demonstration

3. Software Documentation

A. Introduction

B. User Manual

C. Program Description for Developers

D. Final Algorithm, Flowchart, or Pseudocode

E. Final Program with Comments

F. Discussion

G. Conclusions and Recommendations

H. References

Executive Summary

The Software Design Project had two games, Blackjack and Connect Four, be programmed in MATLAB. Students coding knowledge, teamwork skills, and communication techniques were tested in this project. The results show how well each team worked together and utilized what they learned throughout the semester. 

While both games were programmed and documented, some roadblocks arose during the testing phase. Correctly looping the turns in Blackjack proved to be a particularly hard challenge, along with setting the scene in Connect Four.

A trend that can be seen is the usefulness of loop functions. In both games, if and for loops were essential in writing a working code. 

In the end, while both games were programmed successfully, some changes could have been made. Adding sprites to Blackjack and a win-counter to Connect Four are some of the most critical recommendations.