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Chloe Bahna (bahna.2)

Madison Kacica (kacica.2)

Michael Dodus (dodus.1)

Gilbert Hernandez (hernandez.683)


Table of Contents


Business Plan

  • User Identification & Interviews
  • Advertisement
  • Video

Project Management Documentation

  •  Team Working Agreement
  • Individual Responsibility Agreement
  • Project Schedule
  • Meeting Notes

Software Documentation

  • User Manual
  • Program Description

Final Program


Conclusion and Recommendation


Executive Summary


The purpose of the Software Design Project was to create a game or games using the application MATLAB. MATLAB is a programming platform used by engineers to code different types of programs. In this project students learned to develop a game which helped them get comfortable with MATLAB and programming as a whole. Students needed to figure out a program that would run without error and ensure that the code produces the desired output.

Results and Analysis

Tasked with constructing games in MATLAB, the team consulted and interviewed classmates and team members on what an interesting game should consist of. Based on the team’s discussions, two games were chosen, Blackjack and Connect 4. Either pseudocode or a flow chart was then used to make a representation of the aspects that were important in coding the game. Games were then split up by assigning a Lead Programmer to code each.

Over the remainder of the course of the project, Lead Programmers finished writing and executing code while testing builds of the game with classmate’s and TA’s as the games progressed. One final testing was then conducted on the finished builds of the developed games and graded based on their performance. Both Connect 4 and Blackjack were completed within the assigned time frame and performed as expected during testing. Lastly, a video was created to advertise the games the team made throughout the course of project.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The team created two coded games for recreation, Connect 4 and Blackjack, to stimulate family interaction and create a fun environment. The team recommends that users indulge in the coded versions of the game when searching for a mess-free recreational activity. The coded versions of the games require no clean-up and can be played anywhere the user can access a laptop or computer device.