A. Introduction

Our team– Team K– created a Connect Four “Connect Four like Never before” game programmed using MATLAB. MATLAB is a programming platform designed for engineers and scientists that analyzes data, develops algorithms, and creates models and applications. We also created Over Under Seven but are only documenting Connect Four. The documentation is labeled under the “Software Documentation” tab. The documentation includes a user manual for the general public and a detailed user manual for people familiar with MATLAB. There is also a final draft of the algorithms and codes that were created for the game. The code includes comments to help the user understand how the program works and is further defined in a discussion of the process of the project. The last section of the documentation includes the results and recommendations for users that would like to recreate the game in the future. We also created a “Business Plan” tab that is comprised of user identification and interviews, an electronic print advertisement, and a video advertisement pitch with a demonstration of Connect Four.