G. Conclusions and Recommendations

Through this exploration of coding principles and project development a polished game of connect 4 was created. Using a series of user interviews the development team decided on creating an interpersonal competitive edition of the ever popular game. The game ran smoothly at the beginning of the development cycle due to the teams extensive knowledge of coding principles, however after the game went through two testing and feedback cycles several bugs were weeded out and key features were added. Bugs were only found due to extensive testing designed to push the limits of the code and the user interface. The most requested feature, mouse control, was added after the second round of testing. This feature made the game easier and more accessible to users and programmers alike, as the programming team could easily test a myriad of victory conditions. The current product is a fine piece of code, however there are a few key improvements that can be made, chiefly a single player mode. The next iteration of “Connect 4 Like Never B4” will have an AI opponent that players can play and practice against while alone. This feature will greatly extend the play value of this game.