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Table of Contents

  • Project Management
    • Team working agreement
    • Individual Responsibility Statement
    • Project Schedule
    • Meeting Notes
  • Business Plan
    • User Interviews
    • Electronic Advertisement
    • Pitch Video
  • Software Documentation
    • Introduction
    • User Manuel
    • Program Description
    • Pseudo-code
    • Final Program with Comments
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • References


Executive Summary

This game was created in accordance with the Software Design Project given to each group of students in the class. Our group decided to create a very interactive game consisting of a game of blackjack inside of a layered text adventure that takes players on a thrilling ride through the battle of Hoth from the Star Wars Saga. The players are thrown into the barracks as a rebel facing a daring battle ahead of them. First, the day goes about the same as always when you wake up and decide to play blackjack with the local dealer, Skips. It’s up to the players to figure out what happens after all hell breaks loose and the tide of the war is upon them. This interactive game appeals to the casual players looking to enjoy a fun and adventurous game inside of a game and to the die hard Star Wars fan whole loves the lore of the series.

The non-stop action will have the players puzzled over the next best move and whether or not to hit or stay as they slowly amass a wealth against the tricky dealer, Skips. An amazing part of the game is how great of a conversation starter this game is, whether you would make the same moves and choices as the next player is completely up to you. In the end, your fate is your imagination.