B. User Manual


Memory Quest is a singleplayer story-action RPG designed on the MATLAB software application. You play as a lost villager, struck with amnesia and left for dead in a dark woodland. Fight your way to the truth, as you restore the memories of this world!


In order to launch Memory Quest with soundtrack enabled, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the necessary files for Memory Quest.
  2. Open two windows of the MATLAB software application.
  3. In the first window, open and run the “Soundtrack.m” file. Or, type “Soundtrack” into the Command Window.
  4. In the second window, open and run the “Memory Quest.m” file. Or, type “Memory Quest” into the command window.
  5. The game and soundtrack should now be running. If not, end all processes, close all windows, check to make sure all necessary files have been downloaded to MATLAB, and return to step 2.


Much of  Memory Quest’s story is given through text. Text will appear in the command window during gameplay. In order to advance through text, simply click anywhere on the figure window.


Certain parts of Memory Quest will require the player to input text for prompts. In order to fill these out, click on the command window when a prompt is given. Type in the input and hit “enter” to confirm. Click back into the figure window to return to normal gameplay.


When an in-game choice appears, two buttons labeled “1” and “2” will appear on the figure window. To make a choice, click on the number button that corresponds to the desired choice choice in the figure window.

Character Selection

In order to select a character, simply click on the desired character when the character selection screen appears.


“Axeman” Player Class:

  • Max HP: 100
  • Strength: 10
  • Speed: 6
  • Energy Recovery: 1

“Hunter” Player Class:

  • Max HP: 80
  • Strength: 6
  • Speed: 10
  • Energy Recovery: 1

“Healer” Player Class:

  • Max HP: 75
  • Strength: 5
  • Speed: 6
  • Energy Recovery: 2 

All players begin with 0 Gold.


During combat stages, the player will be asked to select one of 3 options: Attack (“ATK”), Deflect (“DEF”), and Focus(“FCS”). Each of these correspond to an action in-game.

Attacks [“ATK”] are evaded by Deflecting [“DEF”]. Attacks are charged by Focusing [“FCS”]. Attacks land if the Combatant chose to Focus that move.  If Deflect is chosen, the Combatants Speed Stats are compared, with the highest number prevailing. Attacks are more powerful the higher a Combatant’s Strength stat. If both Combatants Attack, The higher value of Strength + Energy prevails. Focusing charges energy equal to the combatant’s RG stat.  The greater the energy, the more powerful the Attack.

In some combat stages, the player will be prompted to either begin or skip the tutorial. In order to advance past this, one must select the command window, and type either “1”  to skip the tutorial, or hit “enter” to initiate the tutorial. After the tutorial concludes or has been skipped, simply click back into the figure window to advance to combat.