A. Team Working Agreement

Team Working Agreement
Term: Autumn 2019
Creation 11/7/2019


1)  Group Identification

Lab section # – 35887
Table # – K
Instructor – Denver Tang and Ben Richetti
Team Name (Optional) –                                                             

Team member info: 

Mia Krakovsky Krakovsky.4@osu.edu 4109997179  
Robert Crawford Crawford.997@osu.edu 3302803628  
Kahler Kurtz Kurtz.354@osu.edu 9378234594  
Jay Lee Lee.8862@osu.edu 7406022736  


2)  Primary Means of Communication and Expectations

            State your team’s agreed upon various means of communication and expectations for response.

We will communicate primarily through the documents that are created and shared on google docs and through texting in the group chat.  Everyone is expected to respond promptly within 30 minutes during the daytime. Everyone is expected to contribute in the communication in order to encourage an equal amount of work for each team member

3)  Scheduling of Meetings (Schedule at least one meeting as part of constructing your team agreement.)

Team will agree, at the end of each class, to set any meeting times and agenda needed before the next class and beyond if possible.  Tasks will be assigned to each team and the expected date of completion will be decided. Meetings will take place in a meeting room in Thompson library.


4)  General Responsibilities for All Team Members

  • Stay on task during lab.
  • Contribute to all elements of the project
  • Prioritize the work associated with the class in order to 
  • Divide the work fairly and be sure that everyone participates equally.
  • Complete assigned tasks on time.
  • Be on time to all meetings, and notify other team members ahead of time in case of absence from a meeting.
  • Discuss any problems as they arise.
  • Be reliable team members and finish assigned section by deadline

5)  Specific Team Member Responsibilities/Deadlines (If applicable)

  • All team members will be responsible for programming a section of the code for the game and helping in the design process
  • Mia Krakovsky will be responsible for ensuring the website on u.osu is up to date and everything is formatted and submitted according to the requirements and work on the marketing section of the project.
  • J Lee will be responsible for primary game design and coding, as well as the visual and audio effects.
  • Robert Crawford will be responsible for part of the marketing section of the project, as well as assisting with quest programming.
  • Kahler Kurtz will be responsible for aiding in the primary coding and the motion of the programmed game.


6)  Conflict Resolution

If an issue arises within the group, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. Discuss problems within the group to come to a working solution, trying to make sure all members have an opportunity to participate in the discussion.
  2. Hold a team discussion of the problem with a GTA or Professor to find a solution.
  3. If 1 and 2 fail, ask a GTA or Professor to make a decision (arbitrate).

7)  Expectations of Faculty and GTA’s 

If a team member fails to live up to this agreement, the situation may be reported to the staff, but the team will still be responsible for submitting a completed assignment.  Staff will be available to meet with teams to resolve issues.  


8) Team Signatures

Signature for each student is to be included.

 Mia Krakovsky

Robert Crawford

Kahler Kurtz

Jay Lee