G. Conclusions and Recommendations

Over/Under 7, while very simple to play, can have mass appeal, as it is easy to play and continuously replay. This game can be played by users of all ages, and it may especially appeal to people who enjoy games that involve betting, as the premise of Over/Under 7 is very similar (guessing on random chance). While developing the game, randomly generated numbers were used to solve the issue of having rolled dice, and a while loop was incorporated into the game to make it replayable. The game could be further developed to include new aspects that will make the game more marketable and enhance user experience. One important step in future development would be remaking the game on a new platform, making it playable outside of MATLAB. Whether this be in the form of a mobile app or an online computer game, expanding beyond MATLAB would make the game more accessible to potential users. Other game aspects that could be improved upon include adding graphics: displaying user bets and simulating rolled dice graphically. This would have the potential to make the game more enjoyable for users, rather than just simply having the game be text-based.