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Table of Contents

  1. Welcome Page

    • Table of Contents
    • Executive summary
  2. Project Management Documentation

    • Team Working Agreement
    • Individual Responsibility agreement
    • Project Schedule
    • Meeting Notes
  3. Business Plan

    • User Identification and Interviews
    • Electronic/Print advertisement
    • Video Advertisement
  4. Software Documentation

    • Introduction
    • User manual
    • Program description for developers
    • Algorithm, flowchart or pseudocode
    • Final program with comments
    • Discussion

Executive Summary

Our game, Buckeye Trail, is modeled after the classic board game, Oregon Trail. Buckeye Trail is an adventure game that places the user in the daily life of a student at The Ohio State University. The objective of the game is to find the mascot Brutus the Buckeye. In order to accomplish this goal, the user must go through a series of tasks and make the correct decisions for each in order to find Brutus. The tricky part is, if the user makes the incorrect choice, they may be sent back to the beginning.