B. User Manual


While progressing through the story, the dialogue will progress by itself until player input is required. When the player needs to choose an option, the options will be shown with numbers next to them. The player will type of the number of the option they want to pick in order to select it.

High Low Seven

Breadon has the option to play High, Low, or Seven in the first tavern he enters on his journey. In High, Low, or Seven, Breadon has the option to bet any amount of gold that he currently has. If Breadon does not want to make a bet, then the game will not play. The game will only stop when Breadon wants to quit.

After Breadon bets, he has the option to guess what the sum of two dice being rolled will be. Breadon going High means the sum of the two dice must be 8 or greater. Breadon going Low means that the sum of two dice must be 6 or less. Breadon going Seven means that the sum of the two dice can only be 7.

If Breadon correctly goes High or Low, he will win his bet times 2; Although, correctly going Seven will be his bet times 4. Losing to any option will result in losing the bet.


Breadon has the option to play Hangman in the second tavern he encounters in the story. If Breadon wants to play Hangman, he must first bet 50, 100, or 150 gold. The words that Breadon guesses are mostly bread-based. Breadon will first be given a blank version of the word that is being guessed. He will then be told to guess a letter. If the guessed letter was not found in the word, he will be told his guess was wrong and has one less guess than before. If Breadon has guessed correctly though, letter(s) will be added to the blank word; nevertheless, his amount of guesses will not change.
Breadon loses Hangman when no more guesses can be made and when the word has not been fully found. Losing Hangman will cause Breadon to lose the gold that was bet and revealing of what the word was. Breadon wins when he fully guesses the word, which will reward him in with his bet times 2.


Both Breadon and the enemy he is facing have 4 different stats in combat. The first is the amount of health. While this health will return to its max level between battles, Breadon’s max health is able to be increased with items. The second value is the Action points or AP of each character. The AP stat of a character determines how many actions they are able to take per turn. Stat 3 is the number of healing potions each character has. Finally, stat 4 is the base attack damage the character has. The base attack damage is added with a dice roll to determine the total damage given. Breadon’s Base attack damage can be increased by purchasing higher quality weapons.

When Breadon first enters combat, he will either be given an advantage or disadvantage in relation to the enemy. If he gets the upper hand, he will gain 1 AP. If not, he will lose 1 AP. Next, Breadon will begin his turn. Breadon has the choice of either attacking, healing, relocating, or checking stats.