A. Introduction

Bread Quest

‘Bread-Quest’ is a text-based adventure RPG with a carbohydrate twist. The entire game is grain themed. The player controls the protagonist Breadon as he infiltrates an enemy kingdom in an attempt to decapitate their monarchy. Breadon will run into multiple foes along the way. Sometimes he will be able to talk his way out, but other times he will be forced to fight. In order to accomplish his mission, Breadon needs a combination of wit, strength, knowledge, and a little bit of luck.


High Low Seven

High Low Seven is a dice game based on betting on whether a roll of 2 dice will be higher, lower or equal to 7. At the beginning of each round a player bets on what the roll will be and if correct they double their gold that was bet, if incorrect they lose the bet. The gold that is acquired here can be used to purchase different tiers of swords.


Hangman is a word game with the goal of guessing a random word one letter at a time. The number of letters is shown to the player with all blanks and the player guesses a letter, if it is in the word then the letter replaces the blank. The player keeps guessing until they fill the word in or acquire 6 wrong guesses causing them to lose. If they lose then the amount of gold bet is lost. If the word is guessed correctly then the bet is doubled and awarded to the player.


Not everyone will be oblivious to the fact Breadon is a spy. There will be multiple people who try to stop them, and Breadon will have to fight his way through. He will engage in turn-to-turn combat with his foes, either by attacking his opponent, healing himself, vying for the high ground, or by observing the status of both the enemy and himself.