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Table of Contents

1. Project management

A. Team Working Agreement

B. Individual Responsibility Agreement

C. Project Schedule

D. Meeting Notes

2. Business Plan

A. User Identification and Interviews

B. Electronic/Print Advertisement

C. Pitch Video With Demonstration

3. Software Documentation

A. Introduction

B. User Manual

C. Project Description for Developers

D. Final Algorithm, Flowchart, or Pseudocode

E. Final Program with Comments

F. Discussion

G. Conclusions and Recommendations

H. References

Executive Summary

The Fundamentals of Engineering 1181 Software Design Project challenges students to combine the design process with the programming knowledge and skills they have acquired from the course to successfully create working MATLAB games.  Each team had to reach at least 2 points of games to receive full credit for completing them, but could do more than two point of games for extra credit [1].  This lab effectively tests understanding and ability in MATLAB and group working or communication skills.

Team L created two games for the Software Design Project, Hangman and Connect Four. Hangman, a two point game, is a single-player only game, where the player must guess an unknown word using a finite number of letter guesses.  Connect Four, a 3-4 point game, is a game played on a board where one or two players compete to see who can get four chips in a row first.  Error was avoided when coding the script file through trial and error, and being attentive when coding so mistakes could be limited.

Key features of the Hangman script include the ability for the player to input single character letter answers, for the graphic to correctly change depending on correct or incorrect guesses, and for the option to choose normal or master difficulty.  Connect Four also has key script features that include having the board correctly update, allowing for the chips to stack on top of each other, and allowing for a one or two player game to run. Recommendations to improve both games include an option for two player in Hangman where words to be guessed can be input by the user.  A second recommendation for the project is to allow for a smart computer to play against the user in Connect for instead of randomly placing chips.