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Home- includes Group E’s executive summary

Project Management- includes Group E’s team working agreement, individual working agreement, project schedule, and meeting notes

Business Plan- includes user identification and interviews, electronic/print advertisement, and pitch video with demonstration

Software Documentation- includes an introduction, user manual, program description for developers, final algorithm, flowchart, or psuedocode, final program with comments, discussions, conclusions and recommendations, and references


Executive Summary

Group E- Craig Auer, Josh Lenk, Ryan Socha, Abby Cannon                   Software Design Project

Instructor- Busick, GTA- Siripurapu                                                              12/4/2018


Executive Summary

Background & Purpose:   

In this project groups were required to make different games on MATLAB that equaled up to two points on the scale given to them, or do more than two points worth of games to get extra credit. The purpose of this project was to get the groups more comfortable with coding in MATLAB, show how it could be used in the real world, and help develop problem solving techniques important for engineers.

Results & Analysis:         

The results for this project were functioning games on MATLAB. For example, Group E programmed the card game Memory, and the popular game Hangman on MATLAB. Although MATLAB isn’t the best platform to code games on, both games were able to function relatively well and had no visible bugs that made them unplayable.

Conclusion & Recommendations:

Based on the results of this project and the process of coding games on MATLAB the team came to the conclusion that while coding games on MATLAB is possible, it is not the best platform to do so. Because of this the team recommends that, if possible, use a different platform for coding games.