Team Working Agreement

Before beginning our work, it was important to draft a document that would work as a contract between all the members of our group. Thus, we drafted a Team Working agreement in order to establish our primary means of communication, our general responsibilities for the group, conflict resolution strategies, etc.

Team Working Agreement PDF (Team Working Agreement-2drh9vi)

Individual Responsibility Statement

As a group, we all took responsibility for one component of the Software Design Project.

Gianni – Coding War

Max – Documentation and Website

Reisig – Coding Hangman

Yash – Coding Black Jack

User Interview

Before interviewing a potential game players, we had to identify our target market. We decided we wanted to target college students.

We decided to interview one of our classmates Benny Liu.

  1. What are some games that you have played recently?
    • Black Jack, Heartstone, Minecraft, Hangman.
  2. What are some games you might enjoy playing on MatLab?
    • Number games.
  3. In your opinion, what is the optimal length a game should take to play?
    • No more than 5 minutes (1 round).
  4. What aspects of a game make it enjoyable for you to play?
    • Critical thinking, strategy.