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Table of Contents

1 – Project Management:

2 – Business Plan:

3 – Software Documentation:

Executive Summary:

The Software Design Project began with initially deciding the games and splitting the work amongst all team members on basis of ability. After which we split the teams in two groups and decided on coding two games. The two teams were to code Blackjack and Mastermind for a total of 6 points.  Starting from scratch both teams followed a similar path for the coding process. Both teams started the process by making an initial plan which included defining a timeline and and crating a flowchart and creating a basic outline of the code.

Once the initial code was set both teams began testing the code and and in accordance with the tests outcomes refined the code. These process was repeated until two smoothly functioning games were created.

After which the interviews were held. After more requirements were deduced from the interviews, the code for both the games were modified to meet these new requirements.