Snake and TRON – Software Design Project

Welcome to our Software Design Project website. Here you will find marketing and software information concerning our two games; Snake and TRON.

— Tori, Steven, Bryce, and Lily


Table of Contents

1. Project Management

A. Team Working Agreement

B. Individual Responsibility Agreement

C. Project Schedule

D. Meeting Notes

2. Business Plan

A. User Identification and Interviews

B. Electronic/Print Advertisement

C. Pitch Video with Demonstration

3. Software Documentation

A. Introduction

B. User Manual

C. Program Description for Developers

D. Final Algorithm, Flowchart, or Pseudocode

E. Final Program with Comments

F. Discussion

G. Conclusions and Recommendations

H. References


Executive Summary

The video game market in the United States is applicable to millions of citizens of all ages throughout the country. The process of researching, designing, and selling these video games is one that requires much effort by the production team over a lengthy period of time. The team must have a strong idea of what type of game they wish to produce while determining a large enough target audience in order for the game to be successful. The designing process requires coding skills with much revising throughout. The final part of the process requires the team to pitch their games to investors in order to sell their game to the public. The video game designing process encompasses both thought and skill to create games that will be successful in the market today.

The project team determined that they wished to create the games Snake and Tron in MATLAB for this software design project. After interviewing a potential consumer, it seemed that the idea for the games would be successful among an audience of college age students and older because of the nostalgia that the game exemplifies. The next step required coding of the games. Throughout this process, the games were tested and revised in order to make the final product better in quality. The final products were tested by peers and superiors in order to obtain results on the quality of the games from the target audience. It was determined that the products were satisfactory and documentation of the game, as well as advertisements and a sales pitch were created in order to finalize the creation of the products.

The games Snake and Tron have the chance to be successful in the game market due to the user interviews, advertisements, and sales pitch to potential investors. The games have had success in testing, however, more testing with a larger sample audience would be beneficial in the future in the case that further revising would need to be done to the games.